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As businesses begin to navigate their way to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, Marion County is here to help you connect with funding, local resources, buyers, even data and analytics to guide your business decisions. With time, money, and resources at a premium, we are committed to helping our companies and manufacturing facilities move forward with the tools and information needed to be smarter and more efficient.


We offer a variety of tools and resources, depending on what your business needs, like: 


Existing Industry Visits

Recruiting & Retaining

SizeUp Your Business

Production & Profitability


Networking Events 


Economic Data & Analysis

Additional Resources to enhance your business! 



None available at this time. 


Existing Industry Visits

By visiting local companies, we can get to know you, understand your industry’s capabilities, and provide programs and assistance that matter most to you. In return, you’re able to provide valuable information regarding economic trends, address industry concerns, and effectively communicate challenges in the business community to local and state officials.

Our office can help with:

  • Workforce development and training
  • State and local grant facilitation
  • Advocacy
  • Site & facility search
  • Research
  • Personal and confidential support
  • Request a visit to your facility


Recruiting & Retaining Employees

The SC workforce system can assist with finding qualified employees, employee retention, as well as training programs through technical and community colleges or apprenticeships.


SizeUp Your Business

SizeUpSC is a platform that allows you to receive data to help your company make better decisions around competitive benchmarking, customers, suppliers, even marketing and advertising. 

  • Compare your business performance to industry competitors across multiple performance indicators for competitive benchmarking.
  • Discover and identify potential customers, suppliers, even competitors, to grow your business geographically.
  • Identify the best geographic locations to advertise based on your industry and demographic characteristics of your audience.



Production & Profitability

Connect with an area expert who can identify barriers or issues that may be stifling growth. These one-to-one consultations provide an assessment of your operation, moving your business potential to the next level.

  • Existing Industry Expertise
  • SourceSC- a convenient way to source locally-developed materials and service providers, connecting South Carolina companies with in-state suppliers and vendors.
  • SCMEP- a proven resource to South Carolina businesses, providing them with a range of innovative strategies and solutions.




With access to inland ports and seaports, Marion County is "10 miles from the rest of the world". SC has a wealth of international trade expertise. Your company can gain insight and practical knowledge from the proven success of trade specialists.



Networking Events

Find out what events could be excellent opportunities to network with potential clients or partners. Join Marion County Progress, Inc, a partnership of organizations and individuals committed to assisting the economic development office with the betterment of Marion County, to be included on the "Preferred Vendors" List and attend events at no cost or reduced cost!





Economic Data & Analysis



Population characteristics – resident population count, population growth, migration patterns

Demographics – age, gender, race

Education statistics – graduation rates, enrollment by school/program, spending per pupil

Housing characteristics – number of housing units, rent vs. own, value of housing

Social characteristics – poverty level, crime statistics, societal barriers



Employment information – employment by industry/occupation, turnover, trends

Wages and earnings – wages by industry/occupation, total compensation, trends

Labor availability – labor force participation, unemployment characteristics, willing & able

Workforce characteristics – commuting patterns, union membership, workforce demographics



Traditional indicators – gross domestic product, unemployment rate, inflation

Industry viability – existing industry characteristics, sales and purchases, forecast growth

Market characteristics –consumer spending characteristics, market demand, retail sales

Standard of living – income and wealth, cost of living, resident welfare

Economic development – jobs and capital investment, economic impact, tax base impact



Business intelligence

Traffic volume

Geographic information

Environment/climate information

Public health information


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