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"Now You Know" is a video series designed to dispel myths and inform the public about economic development in Marion County. These short videos are released every other Thursday and provide viewers with insight from our office on what is going on in Marion County and how economic development actually works in a county.  Follow the Marion County Economic Development Facebook page to see the videos when they air.

Each video is a new topic!


Episode 17: Marion County 2025- Strategic Plan


Episode 16: Shared Community Calendar


Episode 15: Community Involvement


Episode 14: Unemployment


Episode 13: Tri-County Industrial Park


Episode 12:  Marion County Progress


Episode 11: Technical Colleges


Episode 10: Grants


Episode 9: More Growth


Episode 8: Announcing a New Industry



Episode 7:  Young People



Episode 6:  Strategic Planning



Episode 5:  New Companies



Episode 4: Plant Closures



Episode 3:  Secret Community Visits


Episode 2: ED 101


Episode 1:  Abandoned Buildings


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